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Online Supervisor Training and Leadership Development

Whether you’re:

  • Having trouble with the skill shortages of your existing and/or new managers
  • Feeling the pressure of a growing team and struggling to improve team cohesiveness and retention
  • Or tearing your hair out with quality and customer service issues as a result of explosive growth that is not backed up by a competent team
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Did you know…


The number one reason given for staff members leaving a job is dissatisfaction with supervisors. It would make perfect sense therefore to invest considerably in training managers and supervisors on inter-personal skills as well as other critical management skills such as performance feedback, delegation, coaching and leadership.


Studies show that the real cost of replacing an employee start from around 20% of their salary, so an employee on say $60,000 would cost around $12,000 to replace considering recruitment, training and loss of productivity costs.


of millennials consider comprehensive training and development program as the top benefit they are looking to received from a company.

Management online training through the Innovest SME 110+ course library will help set our organisation up for a smoother and faster growth curve by up-skilling your management team in a scalable and affordable manner.

Even Google knows this!

Out of the eight most important qualities of Google’s top employees and managers,

Technical skills came up LAST after a list of soft skills including

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Learn these management skills and MORE, AFFORDABLY.

From only $97 a month after free trial

With 110+ courses to choose from such as:

  • Skyrocket your Team Results with Effective Performance Feedback
  • Staff Recognition: How to Build a Loyal Team
  • Finding and Recruiting Star Performers
  • Dealing with Generation Gaps
  • Managing Meetings for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Managing Projects to Completion
  • The Manager’s Guide to Team Building
  • Dealing with Social Media in the Workplace
  • Maintaining Workplace Safety
  • How to Motivate your Sales Team

you can STRENGTHEN your organisation with the right tools to grow and thrive. Access to the entire course library of 110+ courses starts at only $97 a month. Your first month is FREE. Claim your free month now

Online management training saves organisations up to
92% compared to the cost of live training.

Innovest SME uses:

to cater to different types of learning methods, and you can track
progress in each training module.

Management mistakes can be costly to an organisation. Employee relations, training and accountability are essential tools to build a successful company.

Innovest SME Training Library Course List

10 Sales Secrets to Skyrocket Your Conversions

Managing Meetings for Maximum Effectiveness

Staff Recognition: How to Build a Loyal Team

Finding and Recruiting Star Performers

The Art of Networking with Clients, Suppliers and Alliance Partners

Dealing with Generation Gaps

Manage Your Time, Accelerate Your Efficiency

Team Building Essentials for Better Teamwork

Skyrocket your Team Results with Effective Performance Feedback

Productivity Secrets of the Star Performers

Writing Effective Formal Proposals

Managing Projects to Completion

Developing your Presentation Skills

Remote Virtual Team Building and Management

The Manager’s Guide to Team Building

Dealing with Social Media in the Workplace

Success in Lead Generation and Prospecting

Maintaining Workplace Safety

How to Motivate your Sales Team

Build a Solid Team: Hiring Strategies for your Business

How to Measure Training Effectiveness

How To Deal With Difficult Customers

New Manager Training and Development

Better Results Through Constructive Criticism

Managing Team Leaders and Managers

How to Manage a Crisis Situation in your Organisation

Managing Knowledge within your Organisation

Managing the Organisation’s Human Resources

Working Remotely or Commuting

Supply Chain Management

Understanding Social Learning

The Skills of a Great Facilitator

Successful Trade Show Management and Staffing

Using Appreciative Enquiry in your Communications

Safe Digital Technology Engagement

Corporate Behaviour as a Culture

Lunch and Learn as a Training Strategy

Critical Thinking Skills

Webinar Success

Training Contact Centre Teams

Leading by Example

Success in Leadership And Influence

Civility in your Organisation

Succession Planning Essentials Every Manager Needs to Know

Ethics in Business

Developing your Business Acumen

Managing Company Records and Archiving

Mental Skills for Adult Learning

Developing High Performance Teams In-House

How to Motivate your Team and Reach New Heights

Being a Middle Manager

Managing Change In Your Organisation

Dealing with Violence in the Workplace

Mastering Public Speaking to Skyrocket your Career

Turning NO into YES: How to Overcome Sales Objections

Developing your Organisational Skills

Understanding and Managing Office Politics for Managers

The Art of Networking with Clients and Suppliers

Negotiate your Way to Success

Work-Life Balance

Women in Leadership

Training the Trainers

On-boarding Millennials in your Organisation

Telephone Communication Guidelines

Successful Relationships Through Improved Interpersonal Skills

The Basics of Internet Marketing for SMEs

Self Improvement Through Greater Self-Awareness

Staff Termination Procedures

Managing Talent

PR: Managing your Relationship with the Media

Proactivity and Initiative

Dealing with Workplace Anxiety

How to Manage your Personal Finances

Using Lean Process and Six Sigma to Improve Quality Affordably

A Happier You: The Key To A Better Work-Life Balance

Transitioning From Colleague To Supervisor

Mindfulness, Your Key To Better Interactions

Developing High Performance Teams Remotely

The Work – Health Balance

Set Your Goals For Maximum Productivity

Hero Behind the Scenes: Executive and Personal Assistants

Increase your Influence with Emotional Intelligence

Encouraging and Developing Creativity in your Organisation

Customer Support Essentials

Impressive Customer Service

The Art of Problem Solving

Master the Art of Conflict Resolution

How to Conduct Effective Staff Reviews

Achieve Collaboration with Better Business Writing

Training your Call Centre Team

Managing Stress In The Workplace

The Little Known Secrets of Business Etiquette

Improve your Results by Becoming a Likeable Boss

Communication: It’s Not About the Words

The Hidden Messages of Body Language

Social Media Marketing

Master your Attention and Quadruple your Productivity

The Confident Speaker: Your Everyday Guide to Assertiveness

Tame your Anger. Its Costing you A Fortune: Anger Management Techniques

The Admin Assistant’s Ultimate Guide

The Hard Reality About Soft Skills

Internet Security Essentials

The Sales Manager’s Guide to Coaching Salespeople

Professional Business Writing Skills

Planning Your Events

Start Right: Your Guide to Staff On-boarding

Office Administration Essentials