How to use the Innovest Referral Partner Portal

  1. How to refer my clients using a link
  2. How to refer my clients using a banner on my website
  3. How to find out when my referrals have made a purchase
  4. How to receive commission payouts
  5. How to make referrals for live on-site training

How to refer my clients using a link

You are able to refer clients to purchase a membership on and have your referral tracked within our website by engrossing your Partner ID in the URL you are sending to your clients

  1. Identify your Partner ID. This is the alphanumeric name you have chosen when signing up. It is also the partner ID you have used to log into this portal. You can see your Partner ID when you click on the Edit Profile Menu in this portal


  1. Identify the page URL you would like to send your client to.
    For example: where they can view the course library
    Or where they can view the membership levels
    Or where they can sign up for a particular membership level (in this case for a team of 50)

  2. Then add this section to the end of the URL with your Partner ID like this: but of course replace the “Your_Partner_ID”_here part with your own Partner ID

  1. If you wanted to shorten the link for simplicity or if you were uncomfortable showing the Partner ID on the link being sent, you may shorten it using a free service such as or where you can paste the long link into their link field and it will produce a shortened URL for you to forward to your clients

  2. Get creative on how you can promote this link to get maximum exposure for it. You can place it in your email footer, in your standard introduction or on-boarding process or anywhere you like.
    For example:
    “We always recommend this impressive yet very affordable Team Training library to our clients. Click here to view the extensive array of high quality courses [your link]”

  3. You can also place the link as a banner on your website for even more exposure. You can see more detail on this here.

  4. If the customer does not buy during that initial visit, our website will ‘remember’ that visitor as being referred by you for a period of 21 days after the last time they came to the site using your link. If they make a purchase during that period, you will be credited for that purchase.

How to refer my clients using a banner on my website

You may elect to use your referral link (see the section on creating your referral link here [[link to #1]]) by placing a banner on your website to maximise exposure. We have a few banners made up that could suit many different website styles and content.

  1. Click here  to see the available banners

  2. Copy the code shown in the Partner Banners and Links  box next to that banner, noting that your Partner ID shows in the URL where the banner will be pointing the client in order to make sure your referrals are identified by our website.

  3. Place that code into your website in the desired location.

  4. If you would like to change the URL that the banner is pointing the client to, just change it here


How to find out when my referrals have made a purchase

  1. Click here to see the purchase list.

How to receive commission payouts

We offer 35% partner referral fees for paid membership payments on our website

You will be paid your referral commission on a monthly basis as we will process partner commissions at the beginning of each month for the previous month. Payments made include 10% GST for Australian partners.

To receive your referral commissions using paypal, please ensure you have entered your correct paypal address into your Profile page.

If you prefer to receive the commission into your bank account, this is fine too, however we charge $1.5 processing fee per payout due to the manual nature of the payment process (we prefer to do it using paypal as it’s automatic at our end!). Please ensure you have your correct bank account details on your bank details field including Account name, BSB and Account number.

It’s really important you check the accuracy of your banking details as we want to make sure we transfer your referral fees to you and no-one else!

Thank you again and we hope you will enjoy the ongoing rewards of your referrals.

If you have any questions on any particular month’s payout you can contact us on

How to make referrals for live on-site training

We really appreciate all types of referrals. However since referrals for live training are not an automated process and usually require some form of personal introductions we would process those manually to you.

There is no automated system that will take care of these types of referrals.

Please do let us know if you have referred a client to us in case they don’t mention it themselves and to ensure we can duly thank you by passing on the referral fees.

We offer a 15% referral fee on live training referrals, considering these are typically a much larger investment and of course more involved in terms of delivery.

Here are our current live training courses for your information if you believe your clients are in a position to invest into such training and have the potential to benefit from it.

The Investment may vary if the client is not Sydney-based since travel expenses may apply.